New Video: Cognitopia MyLife Digital Portfolio Helps Tell Child’s Story

If you are the primary caregiver for a neurodiverse child, you understand how tiring and frustrating it can be to tell their story over and over again. Cognitopia My Life Digital Portfolios make this easy.

Your child might be young, an adolescent, or an adult, but you want other supporters to know your child the way you do. Whether autistic or having another way of thinking and behaving, your child deserves to be understood and supported the best way possible. You know your child and want others to know them the way you do. How else can they help keep your child advancing with top results?

You often need to share information with the various caregivers, educators, and, in some cases, job-related entities that are also involved. Few documentation tools, such as legal or medical documents, job applications, or educational summaries, provide enough detail. Additionally, those other methods of communication rarely share the needed insights for someone to know your child in a way that can best help improve outcomes.

Many neurodiverse people, regardless of their age, often experience difficulty telling their own stories. Expressing themselves across a variety of essential subjects can also be challenging. With a Cognitopia digital portfolio, these subjects and points are easily captured and even easier to share. I’m referring to essential topics such as their unique needs, strengths, preferences, accommodations, goals, and much more.

As shown in the video below, creating a Cognitopia MyLife Digital Portfolio can be a potent and secure tool to support your child. You get the insights and story about the person you care for into one place. The digital portfolio becomes a place of continual self-expression. Additionally, supporters are invited in and can assist through multiple touchpoints.

Watch the New Video below to learn more about how Cognitopia’s MyLife Digital Portfolio helps tell your child’s story.

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More Information on Digital Portfolios / ePortfolios for Supporting People with Disabilities

Digital Portfolios have been proven to be effective through various studies and continue to make a massive positive impact for people with Autism and IDDs. For example, this study was published on ERIC Institute for Educational Sciences, “Using Digital Portfolios to Develop Non-Traditional Domains in Special Education Settings“. The study was originally published by the International Journal of ePortfolio.

About ERIC Institute for Educational Sciences – This public database is supported by Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the nation’s leading source for rigorous, independent education research, evaluation, and statistics, and the U.S. Department of Education.

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